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stretchac,Polyester Stretch Garment Fabric Company

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He said all glitches and loopholes in implementation of GST will be removed within a year of its implementation."Industry should not measure the execution of GST in its first phase of three months since it is such a vast tax reform and the government should be given a minimum of year. GST on e-waste has been slashed to 5 per cent from 28 per cent.for its perfect implementation," the minister said.Job works like zari, imitation, food items and printing items would attract 5 per cent tax instead of 12 per cent, while salwar suit in a three-piece set has been classified as fabric and 5 per cent GST would be levied on it.Tax on stationery items, stones used for flooring (other than marble and granite), diesel engine parts and pump parts has been cut to 18 per cent from 28 per cent.Food packets given to school kids under ICDS will attract 5 per cent tax instead of 12 per cent. The GST Council will continue to rationalise rates going forward and the highest tax slab of 28 per cent would be gradually brought down, Minister of State for Finance Shiv Pratap Shukla said.The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has a four-tier structure of 5, 12, 18 and 28 per cent.Unbranded namkeen, unbranded ayurvedic medicine, sliced dried mango and khakra will now attract 5 per cent GST lower from 12 per cent. GST, which unified over a dozen local taxes, was rolled out from July 1."The GST Council has already taken pro-active measures in rationalising GST rates in the recent past and the trend would continue in future wherever the taxation is deemed to be slightly on the higher side...."The 28 per cent GST tax slab would fall as per genuine and legitimate aspirations of the people," Shukla was quoted as saying in a statement by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Also, GST on man-made yarn used in textile sector has been reduced from 18 per cent to 12 per cent. While majority of common use items have been exempted from GST, 28 per cent tax is levied on luxury, demerit China two way stretch fabric and sin goods.The GST Council, chaired by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and comprising his state counterparts, at its meeting yesterday lowered tax rates on 27 items

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Factories keep a tab on the workers’ health, conducting regular blood tests to check haemoglobin levels and ensure nutritious food if workers have anaemia," he added.While India’s Factories Act requires medical dispensaries to be run by qualified nurses or doctors, some small factories flout the law, said Manivelan Rajamanickkam, the top official for occupational and environmental health in Tamil Nadu state."They are depressing days and the pills helped," said the factory worker in Tamil Nadu, India’s southern textile hub. "It became a cycle I was not able to break."I was always told this happens to everyone, it’s normal and I shouldn’t fuss," Selvi said, sitting outside her home in Dindigul district.From then on she kept quiet and asked for painkillers but six months later felt her insides "burning" and fell ill, forcing her to take 10 days off work and lose wages."We have given clear instructions to our members to be sensitive during such times (menstruation)," said Selvaraju Kandaswamy, general secretary of the Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA), a trade body representing 500-odd factories."In many instances, the toilets are deliberately kept dirty so that the women will refrain from using them and thereby not take restroom breaks.

The pills that are consumed the most are the ones for stomach ache, but I don’t know their names or their side effects," said the woman. is alarming.Many of the women said it took them years to realise the damage the medication had done as they were never warned about side effects, with health problems ranging from depression and anxiety to urinary tract infections, fibroids, and miscarriages."We ."Social stigma and taboos around menstruation in India are exploited by factory supervisors and managers, said James Victor, head of labor rights charity Serene Secular Social Service Society. The idea is to extract maximum work.Activists, academics and doctors have voiced concerns that female workers’ lives were being tightly controlled, from toilet breaks to periods, to keep production lines running as India’s garment sector faces ever greater demands from Western brands.Selvi decided to stop taking the drugs after her health worsened, but said she was scared the damage had been done. "But compliance, especially in smaller factories, is a problem.""We will soon be doing surveillance across factories to get a real picture that will reflect the problems workers face.. "So after Blue custom Polyester stretch Fabric Suppliers a point, I stopped fussing. "It is difficult but I manage.MONEY OR HEALTH?In each factory, a supervisor known as the "timekeeper" monitors workers’ hours and bathroom breaks and often manages a small medical dispensary for workers suffering aches and pains."Four years later, the salary is still the same, the work hours are the same and armed with her medicine box, the time keeper is always watching our every move."Two manufacturers’ associations representing hundreds of factories said protecting workers’ health was a priority."It is an issue no one talks about or acknowledges but everyone knows about.Medical tests found that Sudha - who did not give her surname for fear of reprisals - had fibroids, which are non-cancerous growths that develop in or around the uterus.Workers get barely five minutes a day to use the restroom and many are thwarted by long queues, found a 2016 study by charity Community Awareness Research Education Trust (CARE-T)."The pills they seem to be given are basically causing a hormonal imbalance in their bodies," she said.One "time keeper," who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect her job, said her role mainly involved providing painkillers to the 4,000 female workers under her watch.But two doctors who analysed the pills said they were non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - similar to ibuprofen and Advil - that could help relieve menstrual cramps but were known to have possible harmful side-effects if taken frequently.Instead of being given spare sanitary pads or allowed longer bathroom breaks, women were handed pills that stop their periods and were harassed for working slowly, according to Victor.."My body feels weak after the last couple of years working in the factory," Sudha added."The visible symptoms are nausea and vomiting."STIGMA AND SHAMESelvi does not like to talk about her periods.Female workers said in many instances, dustbins were not cleared, regularly making the toilets impossible to use.Kanaga Marimuthu took medication every month for almost a year until she noticed a white discharge followed by aches, pains and a fever - then her periods stopped.."Peter McAllister, head of the ETI that represents about 66 companies in the garment sector - most of whom source from India - said his organisation had only recently heard of the practice.The women who spoke to the Thomson Reuters Foundation - most of whom were aged 15 to 25 - said they were always told to swallow the pills in front of the overseer, never knowing the name of the drugs or being warned about possible side-effects.They identified the pills only by colour, size and shape.″(Some) workers take up to three days off during their periods and that impacts production," said Balamurugan, who took pills during her periods at her old spinning mill job.Growing pressure from big brands on suppliers to deliver clothes ever-quicker and cheaper is fuelling exploitation from a lack of bathroom breaks to verbal abuse, labor activists said."

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"With ability to produce a diverse range of products, India has the potential to become the one-stop sourcing destination for brands and retailers Polyester Stretch Garment Fabric Company of ASEAN nations," the minister highlighted.ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is a multilateral body whose member countries include Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam."A new friendship (referring to India-ASEAN relations) that we can forge to ensure that we give better manufacturing opportunities, better wage opportunities and also help strengthen our legacies in the handloom and handicraft sectors," said the minister.."In the year 2016, India exported textiles and apparel worth USD 1,203 million to ASEAN and imported textiles and apparel worth USD 546 million from ASEAN," Irani said, adding that this is just a monetary testimonial to how we can go forward."I am hopeful that this is just one of the many areas where we can participate and leverage our strengths," Irani observed.She said there exists an opportunity for India to attract textile manufacturers of ASEAN nations to invest in manufacturing in India to cater to both domestic market within the country and the export markets across the world.Addressing a seminar on India-ASEAN Weaving Textiles Relations, Irani said she is hopeful that the programme is the beginning of a new era in the textiles sector.Addressing a conference in New Delhi, the minister said India has strengths in production and exports of almost all kinds of textiles and apparel including all handloom and handicraft products that demonstrate the unique skills of the countrys weavers and artisans.New Delhi: India has potential to become the one-stop sourcing destination for brands and retailers from ASEAN as opportunities exist for textile manufacturers from the 10-nation bloc to invest in New Delhi and cater to the domestic market as well as exports, Textiles Minister Smriti Irani said on Tuesday

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