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stretchac,Polyester Stretch Garment Fabric Company

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Theoretically, it wouldn’t be that hard to put this high-tech fabric on the market, meaning that you can probably look forward to electricity-generating bracelets and watch bands in the future.It’s powerful enough to be used in water-splitting reactions, which could one day be a source of eco-friendly power. It’s just 0.In the paper, the scientists call the fibers used "lightweight and low-cost," and the material can be made on an industrial weaving machine like other fabric.A new type of fabric could be used to charge your cellphone or smart watch, IEEE Spectrum reports. The fabric was able to provide adequate power to keep a smartwatch running or to charge personal electronics.The researchers created a 4-by-5 centimeter scrap of this fancy fabric and tested it out in natural daylight, using normal human motions like handshaking.In collaboration between scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Chongqing University in China, and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing, researchers created a textile that produces electricity in response to sunlight and movement..32 mm thick, and could be sewn into cloth, tents, curtains, and anywhere else that would be subject to sunlight and movement.Their study, published in Nature Energy, details a fabric made out of solar cell cables woven with fibers that produce electricity when they rub together. They also tested it out with other kinds of motion, like the power China heather effect stretch fabric of wind moving past the window of a moving car, meaning that it doesn’t necessarily have to be worn by a human — it could be made into a flag flapping in the wind, for instance

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Artist Anita Dube’s visceral installation titled Silence (Blood Wedding) presents human bones covered in different fabrics, prodding us to lapse into contemplation about the sensuality of textiles and their relationship with our bodies. At another spot, artist Paula Sengupta’s installation —Rivers of Blood — shines the spotlight on Nakshi Kantha, a traditional quilting practice from Bangladesh. "Craft is not a bad word, because there are artists who create textiles for a living and their work must not be undermined," she Wholesale Nylon Stretch Fabrics Factory says. Artist Sharmila echoes this viewpoint by saying, "We need to re-look at definitions and categorizations that separate textile makers from ‘artists’. This surreal installation has been envisioned by artist Monali Meher and is part of Dr. This immersive, cavernous work, which features larger-than-life drops of blood seeping through an expansive patchwork quilt, creates a dreamlike atmosphere in which one feels compelled to think about working conditions of those in the unorganised sector, family relationships and a plethora of other things. White and gold threads pass through the loom and fuse into a single piece of fabric, signaling the idea of unity and the important role played by diverse cultural identities. The exhibition showcases the work of 17 artists, whose artworks reference, complement and blend seamlessly with the existing textile collection at the museum. As artists, our job is to make people see things differently." A finished fabric is more than just a piece of cloth, because closely connected with it is the material’s history — how it was produced, by whom and for whom — and the answers to these questions throw up complex narratives surrounding hegemony, identity and liberty. So it’s important to look at the metaphors and ideas embedded in textile artworks.Though textiles might seem like a strange object to take centre stage in an exhibition, Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, Managing Trustee and Honorary Director of the museum and co-curator of the exhibition, says, "For ages, artists have used textiles as a medium to express narratives that encompass personal histories, gender, political standpoints and so many other ideas.Layered with meaning, these laborious works of love provoke us to re-look at the way we perceive textile artworks since often, they are looked at as being ‘craft or hobby projects’, rather than serious works of art.

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As a tribute to Mumbai’s glorious textile past, the BMC has decided to construct a textile museum at the defunct India United Mill compound in Kalachowki. The official said, "The project will be kick-started in the next four to five months.J.Mumbai: With the bidder having been finalised for the first phase of the project, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has finally kick-started the ambitious Textile Museum Project, which will showcase the once prosperous textile industry in the city. A senior official from the civic heritage department said, "Students of the J.2 crore. School of Arts have prepared designs for the show showcasing the old days of the Girangaon culture. Phase one includes beautification and landscaping around a lake inside the compound; setting up of an exhibition centre; and a multipurpose plaza with art stalls, murals depicting a bygone era, and a cafeteria.The BMC functional fabrics also plans to start a light-and-music laser show, for which a separate tender will be issued within a fortnight.". The request for proposal (RFP) will soon be sought from bidders to set up the show."Meanwhile, the second phase of the project includes construction of a textile museum with textile galleries, exhibition spaces, display of generations of mill workers, machines and other historical aspects.According to civic officials, BMC floated tenders for the first phase of the project a couple of days ago and selected one Sawani Constructions, which emerged as the lowest bidder. The estimated cost of these works is around Rs 6. The project aims to archive the city’s textile mills’ culture. We need technical expertise for this. The textile museum will cover an area of 44,000 square metre at the India United Mill compound. Works on the first phase will be carried out across an area of 10,000 square metre in the mill premises

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Syria’s textile industry was once one of the country’s economic bright spots, with its products coveted throughout the region and beyond..At a stall in a Beirut exhibition hall, Syrian businesswoman Reem Abu Dahab displays her workshop’s lacy pink and white nightgowns, hoping to attract increasingly elusive buyers.When the war arrived in Aleppo in mid-2012, eventually dividing the city between government control in the west and rebel control in the east, some businesses relocated to small workshops in the city’s safer areas.3 billion a year, according to the Syrian Economic Forum think-tank.Others, based in the relative safety of Damascus, have done whatever they can to survive. The migrant crisis and outflow China four way stretch fabric Manufacturers to Europe have also depleted its workforce.In addition, many businesses lost machines and employees.But it was completely destroyed in the war, and now the business is run out of a small workshop in the capital."It’s important for us to show that Syrian industry is still alive," said Taki Eddine.And the rising costs of production, difficult trading environment and shrinking workforce, all mean competitors from Turkey and China are increasingly able to pinch clients from Syria’s textile industry."We had 100 employees, today only 30 of them are still working for us," said Abu Dahab, who was one of around 100 Syrian textile manufacturers at a trade fair set up in Beirut."Most of my employees emigrated because of the situation and some because they were forced to join the army for military service," he said."It should be in Europe’s interest to facilitate trade, because Syrian workers without jobs now want to leave to Europe," he said."I had 72 workers sleeping at the factory" at one point, he said at his stall, surrounded by bras of all hues and comfortable cotton sleepwear. I had 220 machines before, now I only have 10," said Alaa Aldeen Maki, owner of Dream Girl Lingerie, an Aleppo-based business.The conflict that followed has killed over 260,000 people and displaced more than half of Syria’s population, with many joining a wave of refugees seeking safety in Europe since 2015."I like how Syrian manufacturers create a unique mix between Eastern and European styles. He still employs 450 people, many of who sleep in the factory during upticks in violence."I buy Syrian textiles because of their quality.But the sector, like the economy in general, has been devastated by the war that erupted in March 2011, with factories destroyed, workers displaced and sanctions hampering trade.But by 2014, private sector textile exports had fallen by half, with the industry particularly affected by fighting in Aleppo city, the country’s former commercial hub and home to many textile factories. Muhanad Daadush owns the country’s biggest lingerie and pyjama factory, located in the capital."Buyers used to come from all around the world but the war has scared them and now very few come to Syria," said Abu Dahab, surrounded by products made in a small workshop in Damascus.

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Industry suspects that Chinese products are making a backdoor entry into the country through Bangladesh. The industry had expected that the imports will come down by at least $1 billion this year due to the increased import duties. However, Bangladesh imports have now become a growing threat. We suspect that Chinese fabric is making a backdoor entry through Bangladesh as garments. Proximity is an added advantage when it comes to shipping products from Bangladesh to India.Bangladesh expects the imports to rise in the coming months as well. The effective duty rates came down as the countervailing duty of 12 per cent was done away with post-GST. Further, Bangladesh can get cheaper fabric from China. We have asked the government to implement the rule of origin provision for imports from Bangladesh," said Sanjay Jain, chairman of Confederation of Indian Textile Industry.Value of knitwear exports rose 107 per cent and woven garment exports by 161 ssper cent.

As fabric accounts for 75 per cent of the cost of apparel, cheaper fabric too adds to the savings."Cheaper imports are a threat to the existence of MSMEs, which is the backbone of India’s textile industry," said Jain."Under the free trade agreement with us, imports from Bangladesh are not subject to any duty.Chennai: After the government increased duties on textile products to check cheaper imports from China, apparel imports from Bangladesh has more than doubled.Apparels from Bangladesh are up to 30 per cent cheaper than Indian products as the labour cost is significantly lower there.The government had doubled the duties to 20 per cent for over 300 textile products, ranging from fibre to apparels, in August, mainly to check rising imports of cheaper products from China. In FY18, India’s textile imports jumped 16 per cent to a record $7 billion and of this around China stretch fabric fabric $3 billion came from China..Despite a spate of labour unrest in Bangladesh, apparel exports from that country to India grew 143 per cent between July and December to $270 million from $166 million in the same month last year, as per the data from Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau. Imports started increasing after the implementation of GST

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Using the same for drapes also give a great airy look that can help tie into the theme of the room.Using the right fabric, colours and prints is easily half the job done.An excellent way to deck up the walls is by adding a suitable centrepiece or artwork such as a Tanjavur painting. Placements of stained glass pieces strategically to trap sunlight can also help achieve captivating colour tones. Speaking of solid doors, intricate woodcarvings on exotic solid wood are a perfect traditional rustic element.We have spoken about modern décor design ideas and several other aspects and ideas related to it. This accented with non-traditional brass stoned sinks or concrete sinks bring in a very different tone. Choose from local thrift store or old dilapidated houses. Elements like glass/ceramic doorknobs with traditional prints can help bring in the Indian touch. The typical wooden swing tied up with brass links is definitely a great centrepiece in an open verandah.The writer is an architect who is passionate about the spaces she designs as well as dances in.Quit the stereotypical vitrified tiles in the restroom walls and replace them with stone finishes. Low seating wooden furniture upholstered with neutral tones of beige, soft gold or Khadi paired with colourful accent pillows are another way to create such an ambience of the sort, in case the desired prints are not readily available. Such elements when put beside softer antique lanterns or coloured glass artefacts bring out the desired look. Some of these ideas need to be incorporated in the design phase or renovation phase whereas some are just accents and can be done without much trouble. Printed cotton, silks or block printed fabric used as upholstery covers are a great idea to bring the theme into the room smoothly. NYLON STRETCH Company However, today we will discuss how to create an Indian traditional or rustic home décor finish. Handmade Karaikudi tiles are a great way to marry in the flooring into your theme. Nothing can beat the red/ black oxide finish for flooring if you are going for a rustic feel.Other elements that bring in the traditional theme are spiritual elements like idols of gods, elephants, mirrors with carved wooden frames etc. These play of colours works best when backdropped by a soft tone wall coat such as light yellow or off-white or hues of such tones that compliment the bright colours used. Buying them straight at the store might be heavy on the budget. These doors and windows can be easily converted into corner tables if overlaid with glass

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Heading back to the build, the speakers are made of a very sturdy outer plastic body. While that is being done, you need to download the Google Home app from the respective app stores (Android or iOS) and run it. Kids can get great benefits from Google Home — younger kids can have a talking companion to talk to, answer questions and play games, while older kids can get help with school projects and more.4mm (WxHxD)Weight: 477gWireless: 802. The China two way stretch fabric Suppliers smart speaker is head-on with rivals from the industry, namely the old player Alexa-assisted Echo from Amazon and the recently announced Siri-assisted HomePod by Apple.We received the Google Home smart speaker a few days prior to the India launch.8 x 96. Sadly, there is no 3. Shopping can be made even more simple — simply speak about what you need to buy to the shopping list and you can see the list on your smartphone. All you need to do is initiate a conversation command by using the keyword ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google.Google Assistants voice is crystal clear; however, she sounds a bit more robotic, unlike Amazon’s Alexa which has a softer, fluent and more human-like voice.5V, 2A,Ports: DC power jackSupported operating systems: iOS, Android. It gains access from all the linked accounts and databases that you have permitted it for use. A long touch on the top will pull up the Assistant, while circular action clockwise/anticlockwise will increase/decrease the volume respectively. Getting into the game later will probably be Samsung’s Bixy-assisted smart AI speaker if rumours are to be believed. You can pull up traffic or weather updates and throw it straight to your phone.The Google Home is just not a voice answering machine — it is an intelligent voice that helps you with a lot more than simple queries. The speakers are protected by the base, and should not be used with the base installed. The speakers have sufficient bass and you can set the bass and treble using the Google Home app on your smartphone.5V with a power output of 2A.Setting up the device is fairly simple, but can be tricky at times. What we were curious about was a hidden micro USB connector on the rear side, which is exposed and usable only with the base removed. While volume controls show up in white, Assistant commands show in the four Google colours.11b/g/n/ac dual bandPower: 16. You may not need to hook up any external Bluetooth speakers to the Home unless you need to route it to your home entertainment systems for superior audio quality.5mm jack here which can be used to connect to any external speakers.Click on Deccan Chronicle Technology and Science for the latest news and reviews. If you don’t want to spend too much and want to simply try out what it can do, for now, you can opt for the smaller Google Home Mini, which is almost identical to the elder brothers, but all you may lose out is in audio quality where you may need to hook up some external speakers. Check out the demo below.

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Here are some ideas on how you can invite winter magic into your abode for some holiday excitement. People all over the world observe customs, rituals and ceremonies pertaining to this cold season. Combining heritage simplicity with luxurious lustre is a direction towards minimalism. Large, comfortable shapes of Baroque-style pieces in velvet or real/faux leather, with modern Wholesale Nylon Polyester stretch Factory and geometric cushions to match will convey an unusual story.3. Metals from the PastHeritage has been another buzzword in interior trends for 2017. You could also bring home a mosaic wall hanging if permanent is not on your mind.. Whether it’s Yule, Christmas, Diwali, or just New Year merriment, streets and corners are amply suffused with ornaments and glittery decoration, green and red being symbolic colours of the season. These metallic glints can carry brass and bronze tones for historical glamour. Cobble together multi-toned hardwood, distressed wide plank flooring or furniture with bright, deep forest and floral prints for upholstery, curtain or room furnishings, and you will have your own wild urbanism. The layered trend, combining two or three rugs thrown adjacent or on top of each other as pattern mixing is also trending. Wild urbanism is a concept of creating micro-climate areas simulating natural landscapes like forests and wetlands. For an added touch, add paper flowers to glassware and place dried wreaths on walls or doors to welcome the winter feeling. Pebble mosaics were first seen in Mycenean Greece and mosaics with patterns and pictures appeared in classical times as well, both in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Bring out the antique brassware and copper cutlery from long lost vestiges of legacy treasures, and polish them for serving lunches and dinners on upcoming winter occasions. Green is always welcome and doesn’t Mother Nature support every new bud with green too? No wonder Mercedes Benz is offering their 2017 AMG GTR sports car in green as well! Deep green was around in the 80s and 90s, and it’s not so much a trepidation bearing change for Indian home interiors.Fall/Winter 2017 is about sylvan charm, traditional material and urban design that add a bold flavour to the winter experience. Stylised ComfortIf you are planning on buying a new sofa, then velvet is the fabric this winter. Rugs and throws like frieze, which have a worn-out look, are popular nowadays with hints of embellishment using metallic fibre, shiny beads or even crystals woven into the fabric.5. Heirloom is another trend that can emphasise the winter look and feel. Mix and match porcelain, china and wicker mats to present a complete vintage tablescape for your guests. Usher in the season with a newness of spirit and décor. Go EcoConsidering new upholstery or repainting your kitchen cabinets? Dark green is in. Go Green has become a motto for many a personal, ecological and social endeavours as well. Heirloom tablescapesYour house is ready for guests but a little focus on laying the table can delight them even more. This intricate design form is no longer restricted to small surface areas but is creating a dramatic impact by accentuating parts of home interiors — be it chests of drawers, end tables, coffee tables, wall shelves and accents.

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You look at that track record which is outstanding.. He knows these boys better than I do because he has been in the system for the last 15 years. You would have put him on the top. The team has done exceedingly well over the last three years.Shastris first assignment as head coach will start with Indias tour of Sri Lanka, where the two sides are slated to play a three-Test series, followed by five ODIs and a T20I beginning July 26. They are the people who deserve the credit, more than anyone else. If they are number one today, its because of the effort they have put in over these three year period."I have matured since I last went to Sri Lanka. He has been part of. And I have matured immensely in the last two weeks.Mumbai: Former cricketer Ravi Shastri, who has been recently appointed as head coach of the Indian cricket team, on Wednesday insisted that coaches like him and Anil Kumble will come and go and that it is the team who should be credited for their exceedingly well performance in last three years. So I dont want to elaborate much on what he is good at, what are his strengths. I will carry on from where I have left."The fabric of Indian cricket will remain and credit should go to everyone, who has participated in the Indian team over the last three years. It is there for everyone to see," he added."If Bharat Aruns name was someone else, who had played a lot of Test crickiet.Shastri had replaced Anil Kumble as Indias head coach after the latter resigned from Polyester Stretch Fabric Manufacturers the post following a successful one-year tenure that ended on a bitter note after fallout with Kohli.The 54-year-old had replaced Joe Dawes in 2014 and was there with the Indian team till 2016 when Shastri wasnt appointed coach and spin legend Kumble was handed the head coachs post. People like Shastris and Kumbles will come and go," Shastri told the reporters. And they deserve the credit. Right from junior levels to A team to Indian junior world cup teams.

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The firm is hoping the tech will excite those working on autonomous cars and yes, they could be on to something there. It’s also just a little bigger than Earth. Without the need for fuel, spacecraft can move deeper into Space. The 360- degree tyre will allow you to just move sideways, right into that god-given space at the local mall. It’s a game that needs strategy and Lee Sedol is one of the best at it. But two scientists have deviced a way to transfer power wirelessly. Feeding seaweed to cows can save the planetFarting cows can destroy the planet. And it could be a good place to work too. But the scientists have figured out how to speed up the process of recovery, thereby increasing the photosynthesis period. This polymer blocks the sperm from China Garment custom Polyester stretch Company creating surprises and one injection lasts for a few years. That sleeve proceeds to use wires to power up specific muscles, making the fingers move in real time. AlphaGo’s makers say the programme’s success means it can soon be applied in climate modeling and medical services. "Whereas traditional tires are bolted to cars, the Eagle 360’s hover beneath them, free from the limits of traditional steering," says the company. In 2016, that road was deemed a success. In theory, you can’t generate thrust without a fuel. We found a likely replacement for Earth; are able to cut out diseases and can now control the way plants grow. The scientists were able to give back 24-year-old Ian Burkhart, who had been a quadriplegic for six years, the use of his fingers using small chip in his brain.2. A very sweet potatoIn the vast arid plain of sub-Saharan Africa, over 43 million children under the age of six suffer from severe Vitamin A deficiency. Once inserted, the chip transmits signals to a terminal, which then fires off that information into an electronic sleeve worn on the man’s arm. The EM driveNasa’s EM drive engine wasn’t supposed to work. Which is why 2016 has been an important year for SpaceX.7. But in March, Google DeepMind’s AI programme, AlphaGo, beat Sedol to score one of the most important victories for AI. In simpler terms, CRISPR is the ability to specifically target viruses and bacteria that threaten an organism.14. CRISPR is the methodImagine editing out problems within our genes. On B, a year lasts just 11 days and the planet exists in a zone in the universe scientists believe encourages water and perhaps, an atmosphere. And rockets are forced to carry a lot of fuel just to escape the Earth’s gravity — over 90 per cent of the rocket is just a big tank of flammable liquid. The world’s biggest factoryA 13-year-old car firm, which never has had a year of profit, is building the world’s largest factory at a cost of $5 billion. Power from the airAll our devices need electricity and that means carrying around an extremely annoying power chord. But Banthia focussed on building a solution that could help his home country.

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